July 25th-27th 2024 | Atlanta, GA
Sales end on July 15th! 
The exclusive conference for you to experience a miraculous transformation within! 
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What is DW Conference?

The “Dunamis Woman Conference” is an exclusive annual event for you as a Dunamis Woman University (DWU) member to unite with your army of sisters & experience a supernatural transformation of dunamis within. You will leave this conference rejuvenated and ready to implement every strategy of what you have learned as you continue to see miraculous results!

"I Am A...Dunamis Woman"

This conference is for DWU active members ONLY! If you register a guest or you are NOT an active member of DWU you will not be able to attend nor receive a refund for your ticket purchase.

Why Attend?

DWU doesn't become REAL until you attend our Dunamis Woman Conference Live!
There is power when we show up in the room and at this event you’ll learn hands on from Pastor Dee & Ari and gain more spiritual strategies and skills that are necessary to implement in your life as a Dunamis Woman. This is your opportunity to receive guidance to lead your life & legacy as the woman, the wife, and the warrior! Come ready to celebrate you and your success on this journey and even if you have fell off a bit in DWU attending this conference is the perfect way to get back on track!

What to expect?

This is an intimate, three-day deep-dive teaching and spiritual experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Activate Your Power

At DW Conference, you will get the spiritual strategies and principles you need to activate & work the dunamis power within as we provide a high energy experience through in depth teaching live music, worship, dance, fun and laughter!

Implement Strategies

All year you have leaned into your DWU workshops but now you must implement what you have learned in your life immediately as a Dunamis Woman. Come to this conference with a militant mindset ready to get your questions answered & implement strategies as soon as the event begins!

Find Exclusivity

Unlike other spiritual conferences, DW Conference is exclusive for DWU members only as we focus on addressing the specific needs of you & your DWU sisters and the challenges you all face. We will also have major surprises & share the vision of our upcoming year!

Build Sisterhood

There is nothing like building meaningful and genuine relationships with your Chapter Leader and sisters on a deeper level. You are not alone in this tribe, so come glean from others who are journeying along the race with you.

“DWU is all about implementation for transformation!”

What you’ll learn!

  • How to posture your heart, mind, and spirit to activate the dunamis power within you!
  • How to unleash, ignite, encounter and fortify God’s power to tap into his miraculous force and strength!
  • ​How to implement Kingdom principles and strategies to combat the enemy in the Spirit!
  • ​​How to shift out of your feelings & build a disciplined Kingdom mindset of faith!
  • ​How to get miraculous outcomes based upon our three core areas of study within Dunamis Woman University!
  • ​Prayer & worship strategies that will allow you to tap into a vein to release pride and birth forth power.
  • ​​How to address life & relationship barriers to build you up in your walk. 

Our Core Areas of Focus 

Unleash Dunamis Within

Unleash= luó 3089: to properly, loose (unleash) let go; release (unbind) so something no longer holds together; (figuratively) release what has been held back! Have you been holding on to somethings that you know needs to be loosed in order for you to walk free. No longer will you stay bound by the devil, when God has given you His dunamis power to unleash within you & the earth!

Ignite Dunamis Within

Ignite= phlogizó 5395: to ignite, set on fire; to burn up, to operate destructively, have a most pernicious power! There is a fire deep down on the inside of you that is ready to be lit! Your pain, past, and even personal relationships have shattered your confidence, your voice, and even your faith but at this event you will light a match to ignite who you really are as a Dunamis Woman!

Encounter Dunamis Within

Encounter= apantaó 528: to come opposite to; to meet face to face. Are you ready to meet face to face with God again, but on a deeper level! You need an encounter with Him like never before and as a Dunamis Woman you will find your meeting place with Him during this event. It is going to be a BEAUTIFUL experience. You ready? 

Fortify Dunamis Within

Fortify= oxýrōma 3794: a fortified, military stronghold; a strong-walled fortress.  You can't fight this fight alone! Not only will you stand with your army of sisters at this conference, but you will get built up to stand fortified against every attack the enemy is using to get you off course as a Dunamis Woman! He shall NOT have your life and legacy!

"Walk into the DWU Conference with power ready for WAR!"

This conference is for DWU active members ONLY! If you register a guest or yourself & you are NOT an active member of DWU you will not receive a refund for your ticket purchase.

Event Speakers


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General  Ticket 

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  • 1 VIP Swag Bag
  • ​VIP Lunch Lounge
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VIP Elite Ticket

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  • ​3 Night VIP Pass
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  • ​VIP Lunch Lounge
  • ​VIP Workout & Worship
  • ​Morning Prayer w/ Pastor Dee
  • Reception w/ Pastor Dee & Ari
  • ​Priority Q&A and Participation
*Hotel Room & Travel is NOT included
If you need any help registering call 1-855-DUNAMIS (386-2647) ext 1

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Nestled in the beautiful Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA you will walk into the JW Marriott filled with elegance, class, and grace!

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is DW Conference 2024?
DW Conference will be held for 3 days LIVE in Atlanta, GA Thursday, July 25th-27th, 2024. (virtual is not available)
When is the last day to register?
Your last day to register is July 15th! After that conference tickets will be closed as we prepare for the event!
Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?
There are no refunds however you can transfer your ticket to another active DWU member before the transfer deadline of 5PM ET on July 1st, 2024. No exceptions will be made beyond that date.
Can I bring a friend?
This conference is for DWU members ONLY! If you register a guest or yourself & you are NOT an active member of DWU you will not receive a refund for your ticket purchase.
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